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Bostik's Best is a one-part, trowel-applied, moisture-cure, urethane adhesive. Once cured, its superior elastomeric properties provide a tough, flexible, tenacious bond to a variety of surfaces. The elastomeric characteristics of Bostik's Best allow the adhesive to move with wood as it expands and contracts. This scientifically-formulated adhesive is not affected by exposure to moisture or water. Bostik's Best contains no chlorinated solvents or ozone depleting chemicals. It complies with all current state and federal regulations for Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C. Compliant). Bostik's Best is currently the number one selling urethane in the hardwood market.

Features & Benefits:

* Recommended by Most Hardwood Manufacturers.
* Contains No Water...will not cause cupping or end-lifting.
* Freeze/Thaw Stable.
* Low Odor.
* V.O.C. Compliant
* For Use in Above, On and Below Grade Installations.
* Can be used to install all types of wood flooring including solids, as well as ceramic tile, marble and stone inlays for light commercial and residential applications.
* Offers Vapor-Retarding Characteristics to Wood Flooring Installations. (see Chemical & Physical Properties).
* Tenacious Bond.
* Remains Elastomeric; Moves with Expanding/Contracting Wood.
* Set with Wet-Lay or Walk-On-Work Method of Installation.
* Tacky Consistency Holds Down Flooring with Normal Bow and Bridges Minor Subfloor Variations.
* Waterproof Adhesive.
* High Solids Content Results in Greater Adhesive Coverage.
* May be Shipped via Air Freight.
* Contains No Chlorinated Solvents.