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8.2mm Laminate Flooring
$3.99 PSF
Offer Expires January 31, 2018

For an innovative, easy, and cost-effective flooring solution, a laminate floor may be the best idea you've ever had. Popularized in Europe, laminate flooring allows you to recreate the look of real hardwood flooring, in a variety of "species," and in a budget-friendly way. Laminate floors are substantially lower in price than solid hardwoods, yet a high quality laminate floor from Imperial Moulding, Inc. provides you with the beauty and durability you might expect in a real wood floor. If you have children and pets to consider, laminate flooring is a great solution - resistant to wear, as well as to animal hair and dander, often a problem with carpeting in a similar area

Laminate wood flooring is becoming increasingly popular for both household and commercial applications. This scratch-resistant and low-maintenance flooring solution for your home or office can be depended upon with confidence, and you can still enjoy the appearance of a solid hardwood at a fraction of the cost. Imperial Moulding, Inc. offers premium laminate flooring only, reputable names like Republic, Eternity, Sambucca and Tropical at unbeatable wholesale prices. Imperial Hardwood & Molding sells quality laminate flooring to anyone meeting our minimum order size. All our laminate wood floors come with easy-to-install locking systems, and 15- to 30-year warranties.

Laminate 8.2mm Red Oak

Laminate 8.2mm Terra-cotta Alder

Laminate 8.3mm Beech L1154

Laminate 8.3mm Brazilian Cherry L1109

Laminate 8.3mm Cherry Strip L1135

Laminate 8.2mm Elegant Beech